AvanZamos® Initiatives

Adult leadership training for personal and professional development, community benefit, and capacity building


MANA AvanZamos® Leadership Institute

The annual MANA AvanZamos® Leadership Institute provides a meaningful and educational opportunity each year. The conference has drawn influential Latina leaders and motivational speakers from around the country who connect with community leaders and opinion shapers through workshops and trainings. Participants gain valuable information and resources from top Latina trailblazers.


MANA Financial Literacy Training

MANA has partnered with community organizations to create a financial literacy consultant training program, administered annually at the MANA Latina Leadership Institute. This program provides training to selected MANA Chapter and Affiliate members to serve as “Financial Literacy Consultants” within their communities, who will conduct local trainings on managing finances and making educated financial decisions, particularly with regards to credit, retirement and homeownership. 


AvanZamos® Fellowship Program and HLEAD

MANA continues to train and educate motivated Latina leaders from our local chapters to train Madrinas® (mentors) for the HERMANITAS® program and increase the capacity they have in their local communities to assume more leadership roles. The AvanZamos® initiative ensures that we are building the leadership structure within the chapters to grow, sustain and maintain growth for the organization. Madrinas® (mentors) use a positive development approach, which provides Hispanic adolescent females with a comfortable and safe group atmosphere, and culturally appropriate materials. HLEAD - Hermanitas® Program Leadership Development Training was the newest addition to the program in 2016. HLEAD was designed to help leaders elevate their local Hermanitas programs and develop additional skills for working with students and volunteers.


LatinasRun – New for 2017

This new Latina public service campaign and educational program will encourage MANA members, who already serve as trusted leaders in their home communities, to run for state and local office. They will be given tools and methods such as Volunteer Coordination, Crafting a Message, Fundraising, Creating an Image, Media Training and Understanding the Role, to develop a comprehensive election strategy. MANA leaders who have run successful campaigns will serve as advisors.








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