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Our organization was founded in 1974 by a group of professional women in Washington, DC, who wanted to give voice to Mexican-American women, who they felt were excluded from the important conversations facing our communities. The Mexican-American Women's National Association was born to provide this platform for leadership in the national discourse. Over time, as the network started to grow and organize into Chapters and Affiliates. It became apparent that all women of Hispanic/Latin descent both needed a voice and could contribute to a larger, stronger contingent. To bring these voices together, our membership voted to evolve into the pan-Hispanic/Latina organization we see today: MANA, A National Latina Organization.


Today we can see a MANA that is transforming to meet the challenges of new generations, while maintaining diligent resolve to our goals of Leadership, Service, Education, and Advocacy for Latinas nationwide. In our 45th year, we reflected the lessons of our founders as our volunteers provided adult financial literacy education, youth mentoring, capacity building, and countless local programming initiatives to meet the needs of our Latinas in today’s ever-changing environment. Our communications are increasingly online, but our Chapters and Affiliates have the community touch points that make a significant difference in connecting with Latinas from all walks of life and all backgrounds. MANA leaders are community leaders, influencers and educators who meet the challenges of current realities with passion.

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